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Panda Research - rate Panda Research is a paid survey site that caters exclusively to US citizens of at least 18 years old and above since they are the ones who can apply. In actuality, they do not provide surveys of their own but instead, redirect you to their partner survey sites. They claim to have paid out $2 million so far. Sign-up Now Similar Survey Sites Registered Post a Review

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Panda Research is a paid survey site that caters exclusively to US citizens of at least 18 years old and above since they are the ones who can apply. In actuality, they do not provide surveys of their own but instead, redirect you to their partner survey sites like MySurvey. They claim to have paid out $2 million so far, though when it comes to the details, Panda Research does seem to be oddly secretive about them.


Registration is free, simple and quick, but you need to be careful. If you’ve been seeing ads plastered around the site about some sign-up bonus or promotions, well, know that you will need to give away a whole lot more than just your email address and even your particulars in order to qualify for the bonus.

Note that during registration, there should be a Co-Registration box that by default should be checked. Well, you’ll want that box unchecked, unless you want your information to be sold to third-parties with you being none the wiser or getting anything, except that one-time reward, in return. After all, a one-time payment doesn’t seem fair when the people holding your info will basically have your consent to sell it to anyone they wish for as many times as they like. If you do have that box checked during sign-up, get ready to be spammed by advertisers whom you have no idea exist.

That being said, you can easily opt-out from the email subscription or remove yourself as a member of the survey panel. Only by then, will they remove – or so they claim – your information from the database. You have been warned!

Earning Methods

Despite supposedly be a site that offers primarily paid surveys, Panda Research doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of these surveys. You’ll get a list of surveys to choose from right from the get-go, though you will still need to go through their initial screening to determine if you’re qualified to proceed to the actual survey. They also do invitational surveys, so you’ll want to check your inbox daily.

Aside from surveys, Panda Research also provides its users with another way to earn some quick cash – Panda Mails. By simply reading emails, you can earn some extra cash though, their purported maximum payout per email-reading task does seem rather exaggerated – it is unlikely you’ll ever find a gig on Panda Mails that pays that much.

However, as some users have reported, Panda Research has been moving away from paid surveys and heading more toward product trials and testing. This is unfortunate because unlike the product trials on other sites where you get the product you test for free, trials on this site require you to pay a small fee or provide credit card details since, as they claim, you are required to return the product at the end of the trial. This just breaks the cardinal rule of participating in paid survey panels or sites – you shouldn’t have to pay anything to take part!

So, don’t be fooled by the incredibly high payouts that these trials offer. It’s just not worth the risk.

Survey Quality

The number of surveys on the site isn’t a lot, and even those surveys you get in your inbox might not be the ones you can actually qualify for. The rate offered per survey completed ranges between from average to low pay, but mostly, you’ll likely encounter mostly low pay surveys since higher paying ones (up to $75 per survey) are oftentimes out of reach, maybe intentionally so since some users suspect these are there just for show.

The surveys you complete must also have an “Approved” status or you won’t get paid for them. If the survey is stuck at “Viewed”, it’s likely that you might have missed a question, so make sure to go back and check.

Take note that Panda Research mixes surveys that provide no incentives into the bunch as well, so when you choose your surveys, make sure to read the details. However, sometimes, even the details can be false. Some users reported that the duration stated for most surveys are incorrect. The site claims that most surveys take 10 to 15 minutes but users noticed that the surveys often take a longer time to complete.

That’s not the worse of it though, if you do manage to get into a survey, you may be “asked” to sign up for another oftentimes unrelated offer that you probably have to pay for just so you can get credit for the survey you are currently completing. This is what some users have been reporting and this is indeed very bad practice. If you encounter such surveys, just cut your losses and quit the survey – it’s just not worth it.

Also, if you read the privacy policy, they are allowed to use your details to send you paid email ads and hence, get ready to get spammed with offers every time you complete a survey. You also need to use Internet Explorer to complete your surveys since they do not guarantee you'll get paid if you use any other browsers.


If you do manage to complete a survey, the rewards will only be credited to your account within 2 to 7 days after the survey is marked as complete.

Panda Research only pays out in cash via PayPal. Payouts are handed out twice every month – on the 1st and the 15th. However, they have a ridiculously high minimum payout amount of $50. Once you reach that threshold, a “Get Paid” button is supposed to pop up so you can click on it to get paid, but many users reported that the button doesn’t appear when it should. Also, since the site pays out in multiples of $50, you can’t say... cash out the entire $52.50 in single withdrawal – you will only get $50 in your PayPal and the remaining $2.50 will stay in your Panda Research account until your next $50 withdrawal.

Withdrawing cash can be a somewhat a hassle too since the site requires you to verify your account before you can do so. If you get an email verification, you’re lucky – phone verifications have an extra mandatory 30-day waiting period.

Now, Panda Research seems to be a real stickler for fine print, and you’ll end up being upset if you don’t read them. Thankfully, you’ve got us! If you have read that there are many users that report about not getting paid on Panda Research, well, those reports are true. However, what you don’t know is that most of these reports aren’t exactly Panda Research’s fault since, in their T&Cs, you are required to have 5 other people join under your account before you can receive any payments… this is starting to sound like a Ponzi scheme, doesn’t it?

Not to mention, your payments need to be “in the clear” before you can withdraw according to the T&Cs and many users have reported having their earnings stuck in “Pending” status. This basically means that the so-called earnings you get are simply numbers on a screen that you cannot convert into actual cash that you can use.


Panda Research offers a referral program where you can earn 10% bonus from all your referrals’ survey payouts for life. However, please note that the program states that – again, the panel is a real pain when it comes to fine prints – you will only be getting 10% of your referrals’ survey payouts… and this doesn’t include the more lucrative product trials or Panda Mail gigs.


Despite having 7 years’ of experience under the belt, Panda Research doesn’t seem to be moving in the right direction – it just appears to become shadier by the day. The site seems to revel in forcing people to read the fine print where many disappointing secrets seem to reside. Earning money on this site can also feel like trying to navigate a maze with deadly hidden traps where a single mistake can cost you your pay. Honestly, considering that there are plenty more other sites out there that have much better offers and that you may actually get paid, you might have better luck elsewhere.

Pros & Cons


  • Cash payouts only

  • Multiple earning methods

  • Easy sign-up but be careful about that Co-Registration box


  • Difficult to qualify for an actual survey

  • Limited number of surveys

  • Low rates per survey

  • A lot of fine print when it comes to things that matter like withdrawals or earnings

  • Very high payout minimum

  • A porous privacy policy that allows the site to push paid email ads to your inbox

  • A sneaky Co-Registration scheme that lets you trade your info to third-parties for a one-time payment

  • Only 1 payout method

  • Poor support service

  • Rigid withdrawal system – only in multiples of $50

  • Reported cases of bad practices, such as product trials that require payment to join, or forcing users to sign up (and sometimes pay) for their partners’ offers just to complete a survey

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New Website Added: Panda Research

by Aethyna Jan 18, 2018
Panda Research is a paid survey site that caters exclusively to US citizens of at least 18 years old and above since they are the ones who can apply. In actuality, they do not provide surveys of their own but instead, redirect you to their partner survey sites. They claim to have paid out $2 million so far. Panda Research Read More
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