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InboxPays - rate InboxPays is an online survey site by A&A Marketing, which is a market research firm based in Chicago. The survey site doesn’t provide any link to its main company. It is registered in BBB, although it doesn’t have an accreditation. Sign-up Now Similar Survey Sites Registered Post a Review

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InboxPays is an online survey site by A&A Marketing, which is a market research firm based in Chicago. The survey site doesn’t provide any link to its main company. It is registered in BBB, although it doesn’t have an accreditation.


The registration process is simple and easy. It requires only a few personal details such as complete name, email address, birth date, and postal code. Some online reviews said it asked for a phone number, so it looks like there is an update on the process since it’s already missing.

It accepts only those who are 18 years old and above and live in the United States. It has a mechanism to detect your actual address, so it’s challenging to beat the system and sign up successfully if you’re not from America. It also allows only one account per member and reserves the right to delete any or all duplicate accounts.

According to the website, it doesn’t sell, trade, or provide personally identifiable information to anyone except to its business partners, advertisers, and other relevant stakeholders. However, non-personally identifiable information may be forwarded to certain companies or individuals. It also runs cookies.

It can terminate or cancel an account for a variety of reasons including inactivity. It will delete the account if it remains inactive within 3 months and has not been reactivated within the same period.

Payment Methods

With InboxPays, you earn every time you open an email and click the link or the image, as well as participate in its different surveys, offers, and other methods of earning. These include spin the wheel and clip coupons. It also has an affiliate and a referral program.

There’s only one method of cashing out, and it’s through PayPal, which somehow simplifies the process, and the electronic processor is one of the most popular. It’s also free.

Survey Quality

According to the website, it can provide up to three emails in a day, if you wish to participate in the Cash Mail program. The surveys, on the other hand, can vary in length. In some cases, they can last for 20 minutes, which means it’s either long or complex or both. Unfortunately, many people have complained about how it disqualifies you from receiving the money after you have completed the survey.

It also offers product offers, which are usually free trials. This one earns the biggest among all methods of earning on the website. But reading the fine print, you will know they are not really for free since you may have to pay for the shipping charge. Worse, the advertiser has the option to charge you of the product after the free trial is over.


Here’s the truth: cashing out with InboxPays can be tedious, time-consuming, and difficult. Most of the negative reviews and complaints revolved around its payment system.

For one, the surveys don’t pay very high. Usually, the maximum is around a dollar. Reading emails doesn’t pay well also since it costs around 10 cents, although earning is easy and quick. Taking advantage of the product offers can pay as much as $50, but there are caveats as you can read in the Survey Quality section. On the upside, it pays $5 for just signing up.

There are minimum payouts. For those who are participating in the Cash Mail Credit, you need to reach $25 to cash out, and it can take many weeks to achieve that. For the others, the minimum is $50, but in a lot of reviews, users complain how they get stuck at a certain amount. They don’t receive the other credits to help them reach the minimum payout.

The processing time for the rewards can also be very long. Offer incentives, for example, can take as long as 8 weeks.

To make things matter more difficult, the website explicitly states it doesn’t guarantee payments. It will work hard to track all the signed-up offers but doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of the process. It also holds the right to refuse credit for different reasons.

Users also need to follow a strict process requirement, and a failure to follow it may result in a non-payment of credit. Overall, it can feel like the website doesn’t really want to pay the users.


InboxPays also runs a referral and an affiliate program. The referral program is simple: send an email to your friends and invite them to sign up. Be careful, though, as the website can terminate your account if it receives a spam complaint from someone who has received your email. Furthermore, you earn only when your referral has also signed up and has received a payment.

It also has an affiliate program, although this one doesn’t seem to be in direct connection to the surveys. Rather, you will link your website to theirs and allow them to sell certain products. In exchange, you earn a commission. Note, however, that their terms and conditions for this one are already old. The version is still 2005.


InboxPays feels like a legitimate survey site, but it’s one of those that you need to tread carefully. It does have some red flags to be wary about such as the repeated complaints on late payments, non-payments, possible charges when participating in the free trial, and the over-strict guidelines on how to cash out.

Pros & Cons


  • Variety of options for earning

  • High reward for free trials or offers

  • Ability to withdraw through PayPal

  • Ability to earn money by simply reading emails

  • Quick and easy registration process


  • Intended for American residents only

  • Long waiting time for payment processing

  • Poor rewards reviews

  • Strict guidelines in cashing out and participation in referral program

  • Possible charges such as shipping when participating in the free trials

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New Website Added: InboxPays

by Milafel Jan 20, 2021
InboxPays is an online survey site by A&A Marketing, which is a market research firm based in Chicago. The survey site doesn’t provide any link to its main company. It is registered in BBB, although it doesn’t have an accreditation. InboxPays Read More
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