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Opinion Bureau - rate Established in 2012, Opinion Bureau is an international paid survey site that is based in India and is among the most popular sites in that country. The site boasts of having more than 10 thousand active members per month worldwide and more than 200 surveys per month for its users to complete. Sign-up Now Similar Survey Sites Registered Post a Review

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Established in 2012, Opinion Bureau is an international paid survey site that is based in India and is among the most popular sites in that country. The site boasts of having more than 10 thousand active members per month worldwide and more than 200 surveys per month for its users to complete. The site reported over 150 thousand participations per month. You must be at least 14 years old to sign up.


Registering for an account on Opinion Bureau is very simple. All you need to do is to provide your email address, confirm your email address by clicking on the activation email, wait for your account to be approved, and you’re in!

Unlike many other paid survey sites though, Opinion Bureau believes in offering rewards for almost everything you do, which in this case, also includes joining the site and updating your profile. Thus, the site offers a sweet $5 joining bonus (varies depending on which country you’re registering from) after your account has been approved and that you’ve participated in your first survey. You’ll even earn a nice little bonus for updating each category of your profile.

However, take note that although the site touts its privacy policy around like a trophy, you’ll be consenting to allow the site to send you newsletters, company updates and other notifications in addition to survey invitations and reward information once you click on the activation email.

The site does give you an opt-out but you may not notice the fine print which states that by opting out of this mailing service, you’ll essentially be deactivating your Opinion Bureau account and hence, any earnings (or bonuses) you may have in your account will automatically be forfeited… and yes, we actually read their privacy policy and this clause can be found within the opt-out section.

Earning Methods

Opinion Bureau is primarily a paid survey site and hence, mainly offers paid surveys for its users to complete. However, do take note that although you’ll be presented with surveys, it doesn’t mean that you already qualify for those surveys. You will still need to answer the pre-survey questions. The points you get will only be credited to your account 24 hours after finishing an actual survey you’re qualified for.

There are also online polls that you can vote for. However, unlike surveys, the rewards you get from these polls aren’t automatically credited to your account. Instead, you’ll need to remember to claim them 10 days after the polls have been closed.

Another very important point to note, you can actually complete their surveys and polls without signing up. However, if you do so, you will be forfeiting all of your rewards. You won’t get your rewards even if you signed up AFTER you’ve done the surveys or polls. So, if you want to get your due, you must sign up first!

Survey Quality

Despite only having paid surveys and polls to offer, the site doesn’t seem to have a lot of surveys available. The survey invite rate isn’t very high either, with some users reporting that they had to wait an entire month for a single survey.

One of the few things that we really dislike about this site is the fact that they will only let you know whether you are qualified or disqualified from a survey AFTER you’ve completed it. That’s not to mention, you’ll only get your rewards 30 days after you completed the survey.

Unfortunately, Opinion Bureau might be a tad bit overzealous when it comes to detecting and penalizing false answers in surveys. While you’re waiting for the reward for your qualified survey to be credited, the site reserves the right to disqualify you if they deem your answers as false, and hence, not paying you anything. If you somehow were wrongly accused of falsifying your answers, you won’t be able to anything much, other than just complaining, since their support service is oftentimes unresponsive.

What’s even worse is that if they think you’ve been falsifying your answers consecutively (something that they can determine at their discretion), then they have the right to shut down your account without giving you a reason or notice while seizing all of your earnings, if there are any. This is definitely a much more drastic action taken as compared to say the Quality Score system used in Survey Rewardz.


The payout minimum for Opinion Bureau is around $10 but this amount varies depending on which country you’re from. The site offers a wide variety of reward payment options including vouchers for places like Starbucks and Amazon, cash via PayPal, as well as other shopping coupons. You can put in up to 3 redemption requests in a day.

Since they use third-party services to source their rewards, they claim that they will need up to 15 days to send you your rewards. However, many users complained of extremely long delays that may go beyond the 2-month mark. Although the site does eventually pay up (not before getting beset by upset users), these very users have complained of terribly unresponsive and poor support service. A few users have even claimed that their accounts were banned when they complained and they lost everything they had.

Due to this, you might want to be wary if you want to try earning some money on this site.


Opinion Bureau offers a referral program where you can earn a nice bonus on the side. Your referral will not only need to sign up using your special link, they will also need to activate their account, wait for the panel team approve the said account, and then take the first Opinion Bureau profiling survey. Only once everything’s done will you get the referral rewards you were owed. However, do take note that there have been some reports as well that the site doesn’t recognize certain referral accounts as being referrals. You won’t get any reward if this is the case.


Opinion Bureau is admittedly not the best paid survey site out there and we can’t exactly prove its claim that it’s the best in India. However, from our brief interaction with the site, we noticed that the site has a bit too much fine print that you might easily miss, like the fact that they can reject the pay for a purportedly “qualified” if they think you provided false answers. Everything just moves so slow here from getting credit for the surveys you’ve done to actually redeeming the rewards you want.

Pros & Cons


  • Multiple reward options

  • Provides survey invites and has a referral program

  • Has a somewhat low payout minimum (subjected to which country you reside in)

  • Okay privacy policy with a hidden catch (Explained in detail in review)

  • Easy sign-up but you will need to wait to be approved


  • Limited number of surveys

  • Poor support service

  • Overly harsh penalties for purportedly falsifying survey answers

  • Only knows whether you qualify for a survey AFTER you’ve done the survey

  • Many fine print that you might miss

  • Markedly slow rewards redemption

Opinion Bureau Blog

New Website Added: Opinion Bureau

by Aethyna Jan 17, 2018
Established in 2012, Opinion Bureau is an international paid survey site that is based in India and is among the most popular sites in that country. The site boasts of having more than 10 thousand active members per month worldwide and more than 200 surveys per month for its users to complete. Opinion Bureau Read More
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