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Toluna - rate Headquartered in Paris, France, Toluna is paid survey site that is managed and owned by the Toluna Group. Aside from allowing companies to obtain genuine feedback via surveys, Toluna also has a vibrant and welcoming community of survey takers from all around the world. Sign-up Now Similar Survey Sites Registered Post a Review

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Headquartered in Paris, France, Toluna is paid survey site that is managed and owned by the Toluna Group. It also serves as a platform which allows companies to obtain genuine feedback via surveys from their focus groups and consumers. Toluna even has a vibrant and welcoming community of survey takers from all around the country; people whom you might be interested to make friends with.


Signing up to join Toluna is completely free and pretty easy, but in order to get your registration bonus of 500 points, do remember to verify your email address, and hence, your account, and fill up your profile information. You’ll get some points for completing your profile too. Please also take note that only people of 18 years old and above and reside in the US, Canada, UK Hong Kong or Germany are eligible.

When it comes to privacy policy, Toluna is pretty strict about what they do with the data your provide. They do not use or sell your data for direct marketing purposes, and if you do one day want to leave Toluna, you can write in to ask them to delete all the personal data they have collected.

Earning Methods

Toluna uses a points-based system and thus, you’ll be mostly earning points regardless of which earning method you opt for on the site, be it completing surveys or sponsored polls (a.k.a. Quick Votes), for instance. You can generally get 15 points each per sponsored poll, but more if you do surveys or test a product. Points are credited a bit slowly on the site though, with some users complaining that it takes up to 6 weeks after the closing of a survey.

Points on Toluna accumulates pretty fast as well. Unfortunately, they aren’t worth much as compared to many other points-based sites. On Toluna, you’ll approximately need 30 points just to get 1 cent (USD) in real cash. Most sites have a more profitable 1 point to 1 cent exchange rate.

As mentioned, you can test products on Toluna to earn points. However, please note that this option is an opt-in option. So, to be considered as a product-tester, you’ll need to go to Community, then the Test Products section and choose the types of products you’d like to test. After signing up, all you need to do is to wait. If you qualify for any of the product you signed up for, you’ll receive the product directly in your mail. Of course, like most sites, you’ll get to keep the products you test.

The more interesting part about Toluna though is that it’s more of a social networking site than many of the other paid survey sites that we’ve reviewed so far. The community on this site is a lot more engaged and friendly to newcomers and to keep this great thing going, Toluna offers bonus points (up to 1000) for any member of their community who create “quality content”, including polls, current topics, and opinions-based discussions.

You can even work with the Toluna team to organize contests and if your idea is really good, they may also help you incentivize participants by offering points. In return, you can get up to 5000 points for suggesting and helping to organize the contest in the first place.

Toluna has an app version of its site that you can download for free as well. It contains amazing features like allowing you to complete mobile surveys, communicate with your friends, participate in community events and activities and more. However, many users of the app have reported that the app is simply wrought with errors. It may not be the best place to complete surveys (at least not until the devs fixed the app up) mainly because you might get an error in the middle of completing one and essentially be forfeiting the points you should get in return for your effort and time.

Survey Quality

In terms of survey quality, Toluna seems to be markedly better than some of the more popular paid survey sites. Although it’s still hard to qualify for a survey, the site does try to let you know as soon as possible whether if you qualify or not. Most of the time, you’ll be informed right after you complete the preliminary survey questions if you don’t qualify.

As you may know, surveys often have limited spots and natural, the people who complete their surveys faster will take up most of these spots. So, if you’re slower, sometimes, the slots may just be filled and you’ll be kicked off a survey even if you’re halfway through it. On the bright side though, you’ll get free sweepstake tickets as a consolation.

The rate of points you get per survey is pretty okay. You can easily get 100 points for shorter surveys, but of course, for longer ones, you’ll get more. You can also choose the types of surveys you’ll want to do by using the site’s filters at the Survey Center. You can select the category of surveys you want to do and the system will help match you with surveys that you potentially qualify for. Also, it’s best to complete the recommended surveys since these are more likely to suit the type of survey takers they are looking for, and hence, there’s a lower chance of being disqualified.

The types of surveys you get are generally quite basic. Most of them are questionnaires, though some may require you to view ads before answering the questions. Naturally, you’ll need to answer these questions as honestly as you can.


At the Rewards Center on the site, you’ll see that you can exchange the points you’ve accumulated on Toluna for some really amazing rewards. You can use these points to buy extra sweepstake tickets, gadgets, vacation trips, vouchers (like Amazon), and even turn them into cash (Paypal).

To get cash, you’ll need to check the terms and conditions because they vary from country to country. For instance, in the US, you can convert 60,000 points for a $20 check. For its monthly sweepstakes, the prizes you have a chance of winning include LED TVs, more Toluna points, or best yet, up to $4500 in cash!

Considering how social the site is, Toluna also sells virtual gifts called Gifties that you can give to your new friends/ other users on the site, such as a leaf blower, an oven, or a gift card which costs anywhere between 50 to 500 points each. Why spend your hard-earned points on something virtual? Well, you’ll actually stand a chance of winning the actual, real-life version of the virtual gift you’ve just sent. Winners are, of course, chosen randomly.

Now, as amazing as these sound, Toluna does have some issues with its rewards. Many users report that the rewards on Toluna can “run out of stock” and as such, you may need to wait quite a bit for a more decent reward to be offered. And even if you do find a decent reward you want to cash out in, the rewards may take a rather long time to arrive – from 2 to 8 weeks. This is especially true for rewards that aren’t vouchers.


Toluna has a referral program where you can invite up to 10 new friends a month. Each friend who sign up using your special referral link and complete the registration process will earn you a nice 500 points.

As aforementioned, Toluna is a very social site and is very unlike many other paid survey sites out there. Due to this, the site places a lot of emphasis on creating fun community-based events, contests, and activities to the point where they actually incentivize their community to create quality content for them. Popular creators on Toluna can even gain some form of status, much like on a social networking site, since they will probably end up having a ton of followers. Their content will also be featured more prominently on the site.


Although Toluna has a very low points-to-cash exchange rate and can take quite a while to credit you your points or even send you your rewards, the site is as legit as it gets. If your sole goal of joining a paid survey site is to earn as much as possible, then Toluna might not be the site for you.

However, if you enjoy a good ol’ banter and meeting new friends online while earning some “beer money”, then you’ll find Toluna a paid survey site that is very unlike any other mainly because it has managed to build a community around its service, not only allowing users to earn rewards for giving their opinions but to also chat with other members, have some fun discussions with them, and in general interact with oftentimes like-minded people from all around the country.

Pros & Cons


  • Many ways to earn points

  • Multiple payout methods

  • A vibrant and friendly community of survey takers

  • Legitimate privacy policy

  • Get points for creating quality content for the community

  • Easy sign-up

  • Has a so-so referral program

  • Provides compensation for disqualified surveys and for filling up your profile information

  • Registration bonus


  • Difficult to qualify for an actual survey

  • Very low points-to-cash exchange rate

  • High minimum payout for cash

  • Rewards often “ran out of stock”

  • The Toluna app isn’t working as well, making doing mobile surveys a chore

Toluna Blog

New Website Added: Toluna

by Aethyna Feb 26, 2018
Headquartered in Paris, France, Toluna is paid survey site that is managed and owned by the Toluna Group. Aside from allowing companies to obtain genuine feedback via surveys, Toluna also has a vibrant and welcoming community of survey takers from all around the world. Toluna Read More
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