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Smart Panel 10 rate Smart Panel is a unique multi-platform data-mining project run by Verto Analytics. By signing up and installing its app on your devices, you can earn rewards by sharing your data, mainly around how you use technology and the internet, for research purposes anonymously. Sign-up Now Similar Survey Sites Registered Post a Review

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Smart Panel is a unique multi-platform data-mining project run by Verto Analytics. By signing up and installing its app on your devices, you can earn rewards by sharing your data, mainly around how you use technology and the internet, for research purposes anonymously. Although you will need to be 18 years old to sign up, teens between 13 and 17 can join as well provided that their parents or guardian consented.


Unlike most site where you can immediately join after signing up, Smart Panel will first require you to take a qualifying questionnaire to see if you fit the demographic (types of people) that they are looking for. The questionnaire should take only a few minutes.

If you qualify, you will then be invited to install the Smart App on your registered devices, be it your PC, smartphone or tablets. As a nice welcome present, you’ll also get a sign-up bonus of $5.

Note that if you report having multiple devices during sign-up, you’ll be expected to install the app on all your devices and making sure to sync them all very day to qualify for the rewards. So, if you’re wise, you might want to limit that to only a few devices.

Also, take note that the app will consume your internet data since it requires an internet connection to work. The app will take up 3MB at most per month. In terms of battery power, the app will consume around 1 to 5% of power when your device is in use. Since the app uses VPN to operate, some users have reported having issues with proxy settings causing their devices to be disconnected from the internet.

Earning Methods

Since Smart App is more of a data-mining device rather than a survey-taking app, you won’t really need to complete surveys, except from time to time as required.

Aside from the monthly giveaways, the panel does organize a few sweepstake contests now and then. These sweepstakes don’t require a buy-in to participate as they function more like rewards in exchange for doing something for the panel.

Survey Quality

As mentioned, the Smart App isn’t exactly a survey app and hence, there aren’t a lot of surveys for you to do. However, since it’s an app, we can take a look at the details of this app and what it does instead.

The apps work by running in the background of your device, automatically collecting your information about how you use those devices. We’ve done the hard work of reading their privacy policy for you and we’d like to highlight a few points so you’ll at least know what you’re getting into.

The app is allowed, once installed, to automatically collect a good deal of the data pertaining to your daily tech use. This includes info about your web history, your device’s specs, software installed and how you use them, data you enter into forms and search fields on unsecured sites (HTTP), and search terms.

They will also get info on the size of your emails and their associated attachments, along with info about your instant messages, texts and calls without having access to the actual content of any of these items. The same goes for any online purchases you make – they will have permission to retrieve your purchasing records without any of the sensitive financial info.

The app is prohibited from collecting protected information, so rest assured that info like your passwords and credit card information or data like your pictures cannot be accessed by the Smart App.

What’s really nice though is that if you do one day decide to opt-out from their panel, you can write in a letter within 90 days of opting out to request them to purge their system of your personal data and they will have to comply.

Having said that, some users have reported that the app is causing some issues with their devices after being installed, ranging from drastically impacting their device’s performance to having the app failing for no apparent reason.


The reward system that Smart Panel offers is pretty much passive since you won’t need to complete any sort of surveys. Instead, as long as your devices are transmitting their data to the panel (remember to sync the app every day), you’ll get your rewards. Rewards are credited every month. So, in addition to the qualifying bonus of $5, you will get $5 for every month your app is active.

Note that if your device has not been sending them your data, you won’t receive your monthly incentive. For new participants, you will need to have the app installed and active for at least 30 days before you can redeem your first reward. You can redeem your rewards in the form of Amazon gift cards or as cash via PayPal.The panel also has a payout minimum of $15 for the first withdrawal and a minimum of $5 for subsequent withdrawals.

However, there are plenty of complaints about having their payment voided over technicalities and fine print (such as switching your device), which can be disheartening when you thought you have hundreds to withdraw.


Smart Panel offers a really sweet loyalty program where if you sync your data consecutively for 3 months, you’ll get a nice loyalty bonus of $5 to $15. Naturally, the longer you can maintain this streak, the more bonus cash you can earn in addition to your usual monthly pay.


To summarize, Smart Panel is a pretty reliable data-mining panel which pays you for obtaining data on how you use your technology devices on a daily basis. This isn’t the sort of panel you can earn some quick cash however since it pays out on a monthly basis and gives you rewards depending on how long you fulfilled the criteria required by the program.

Granted that the app does seem to retrieve quite a lot of your data and act up from time to time, this does seem to be a nice way to earn money passively – the sort where you just set it up and forget about it except to cash out every now and then. However, if you’re the sort who is very concerned about privacy, this survey panel might not be suitable for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Minimum payout as low as $5

  • Passive earning method – set up and forget

  • Loyalty program bonuses

  • A solid privacy policy but the app does collect a lot of your information

  • Occasional giveaway, contests, surveys, and other fun events


  • Limited payout methods

  • A variety of issues pertaining to the use of its app, the effect it has on your device, and the reward withdrawal process

  • Getting constant “email spams” if you’re not connected

  • Poor support service

Smart Panel Blog

New Website Added: Smart Panel

by Aethyna Jan 17, 2018
Smart Panel is a unique multi-platform data-mining project run by Verto Analytics. By signing up and installing its app on your devices, you can earn rewards by sharing your data, mainly around how you use technology and the internet, for research purposes anonymously. Smart Panel Read More
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