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Nielsen Mobile Panel - rate Nielsen Mobile Panel is the data mining application of Nielsen Holdings Company. It is a global firm that specializes in data, measurement, and information. It operates in around 100 countries. Sign-up Now Similar Survey Sites Registered Post a Review

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Nielsen Mobile Panel is the data mining application of Nielsen Holdings Company. It is a global firm that specializes in data, measurement, and information. It operates in around 100 countries. It has different ways of gathering information for its clients. These include the Nielsen Family, which is a by-invitation survey system where the company monitors the TV programs the households watch.


The registration process is simple and quick. One can download the Nielsen Mobile app on Android, iOS (Apple), and Kindle. It also supports various carriers, countries, and mobile device models. One can register only one device. For those who have registered two or more devices, they need to call customer support and reveal which one they want to use.

Some of the details the user needs to provide are an email address, phone number, demographic data, and password.

When it comes to privacy, it doesn’t reveal any personally identifiable information to the clients. It is because it gathers all the related data first and then make an analysis before they are sent to the clients.

Earning Methods

The app uses a point system, which the user can accumulate per week during the early weeks. It will later change to per-month accumulation. The user can then use the accumulated points to choose their preferred rewards from different online stores. These include Amazon, Starbucks, and Target. They can also exchange their points to appliances or electronics. The user can accumulate only up to a certain point, which is translated to an amount, per year.

Survey Quality

The app doesn’t provide any survey. It also doesn’t have games or offers unlike other survey-based websites. This is a data-mining program. As such, it keeps track of the user’s mobile activity. It then collates the information and sends it to the clients as reports. The app runs in the background, so it’s not intrusive. But some people do complain about their mobile device slowing down while they have installed the app.


The user can get up to $50 worth of rewards by just installing the app in the phone and using the device. One can then convert these points for any rewards such as gift cards available on the online shop of Nielsen Mobile Panel. The kind of reward depends on the accumulated points. It’s, therefore, possible for certain users not to get an item for a certain period. In order for the user to receive the rewards, he or she needs to be an active mobile device user.


Nielsen Mobile Panel is a handsome way to earn $50 worth of rewards a year with hardly any effort. It requires only the installation of the app – that’s it.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy registration process

  • Simple earnings method, which involves installing the app and letting it run in the background

  • Conversion of points to different rewards

  • Legitimate and big company

  • Mobile app, which means it’s quick and easy to install


  • Very limited methods and amounts of earnings

  • Possible slowdown of the speed of mobile device

  • Possible rejection due to the mobile carrier, model, and location

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New Website Added: Nielsen Mobile Panel

by Milafel Feb 27, 2018
Nielsen Mobile Panel is the data mining application of Nielsen Holdings Company. It is a global firm that specializes in data, measurement, and information. It operates in around 100 countries. Nielsen Mobile Panel Read More
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