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Neobux 10 rate Neobux is a website that offers rewards for completing surveys and tasks, as well as watching ad videos and playing games. It started sometime in 2008 and currently has more than 9,000 members and has already paid almost $134,000. Sign-up Now Similar Survey Sites Registered Post a Review

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Neobux is a website that offers rewards for completing surveys and tasks, as well as watching ad videos and playing games. You also get money from referrals. It started sometime in 2008 and currently has more than 9,000 members and has already paid almost $134,000. It is a registered trademark of Neodev LDA, which, according to my research, is an advertising agency based in Portugal.


The registration process is simple and quick. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete, and it’s free. It requires only Username, password, email, referrer, birth year, and a verification code, which you will receive via email. It’s not an activation link. You need to copy and paste the code to the registration page.

One of the interesting parts of the registration process is the Payza or Skrill email. You need to fill this out. If you don’t have it yet, you can use your regular email address and then change it once you already have Payza or Skrill.

The privacy policy of Neobux is short. While it does run cookies, it doesn’t sell or give away information to third parties. Should it be necessary to do so, it will ask for the user’s permission. But it does monitor the website activity for security, says the website.

Now, two things to watch out: first, it’s possible for its email to end up in spam. You, therefore, need to whitelist the email address. The other is you will go through a couple of verification codes, which can be frustrating sometimes.

Earning Methods

The website touts its ability to provide effortless income and multiple ways to earn money. In here, you can watch ads, which will give you a few cents per click. But it’s so easy. It takes less than a minute to complete one ad. You also receive them on a daily basis, so you can guarantee to earn regularly.

It also runs a survey, which, interestingly, redirects you to Global Test Market, which is a paid survey site. It takes much longer to get paid in this manner since it’s not easy to qualify for a survey. It pays a little higher than the ad views, though, and rewards you when you complete the first survey, which is just your profile.

You can also earn money by completing mini-jobs. The rewards for this one are higher than paid surveys and viewing ads, but you don’t see a lot of them as well. You can also earn money by playing some of the games.

Neobux also has a special coin system, which you can earn when you complete the offers. These offers take you to third-party websites, where you may have to register an account to earn more coins. You, therefore, have to practice discretion and caution at this point.

The website also runs a unique referral system with certain conditions and options. For example, you can get both direct and rented referrals. Direct referrals are the ones who sign up and do the activities using any of your referral links. They can also add you as a referrer when they sign up.

Rented referrals are people who registered without any referral. You can rent them, which means you earn a commission every time they become engaged on the website. But choosing this earning method comes with a rental price. If you want to rent, you can activate autorenewal and autopay.

The website also restricts how many referrals you can have and when you can do direct referrals. To start getting referrals, you need to be a member for at least 15 days and have made 100 clicks. Standard members can have only 30 referrals while golden members can have 200, depending on the golden pack chosen. The older you are on the website, the more referrals you can have.

Since referrals can be an excellent method to earn money, you have the option to remove referrals that don’t earn well for you. These are usually inactive members.

It’s possible to upgrade your membership on the website to earn more money. Once you have already seen 50 ads and have been a member for at least 15 days, you are already eligible for the Golden Membership. You can also buy a Golden Pack, which is a set of tools exclusive for Golden members. These include a rental queue, vacation mode, and days between cashouts. To buy, you have to pay between $290 and $890. It depends on the actual Golden Pack, and there are five of them. These are Emerald, Sapphire, Platinum, Diamond, and Ultimate.

Survey Quality

If you’re interested in doing paid surveys alone, you may find Neobux frustrating. They don’t come very often, although you can set up an alert using your email. This way, the system can notify you when a new survey is available. Not only do you have to deal with the scarcity, but it is also possible you won’t qualify in some of them.

The best way to earn money in Neobux is to explore other methods of earning, such as clicking ads, which is easy.


Neobux has one of the lowest minimum cashouts for the initial withdrawal: at least $2. But it may not be practical since cashing out through electronic processors requires fee payments. Over time, the website will increase the minimum cashout until the final minimum is $10. Based on other members’ accounts, some can earn as much as $3,000.

Speaking of payment processors, the website uses three. These are Payza, Skrill, and NETeller. You need to create an account on any or all of the sites and link your Neobux account to start withdrawing your payments.

The website doesn’t impose any restriction when it comes to the interval of the cashouts.

Mini-jobs have a different pricing strategy. Besides the actual earnings, you can also get bonuses based on how much you earn. The percentage is 18% for standard and 30% for golden members. You can also earn 12% for the work of your direct referrals, and you can receive your commission within 24 hours, which starts at 7 pm server time.

Offers also have a different earnings method, which is through coins. You can convert these coins to real money, but it’s not 1:1. Rather, the amount is according to the conversion rate. If you have 2,500 coins, each will be valued at $0.8, which means you can earn $2 for every 1,000 coins.


The website has an active forum, where you can get an advice or more ideas how to maximize the earning opportunities in Neobux. It also provides a Projection Center tool, which is handy when you want to know how much you can earn through active rented referrals.


Neobux is a legitimate paid-to-click website that offers low but easy-to-cash-out money from surveys, mini-jobs, offers, and ad views. It also rewards a lot of money from its unique referral system.

Pros & Cons


  • Low minimum payout of only $2 in the beginning

  • Many options of earning money besides completing surveys

  • Quick and easy registration process

  • Big earning potential and great control over referrals

  • Safe cashouts through recognized payment processors


  • Inaccessibility of a lot of surveys

  • Low cash value for its surveys, ad views, and mini-jobs

  • Complex referral system, which includes rented referrals

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New Website Added: Neobux

by Milafel Feb 19, 2018
Neobux is a website that offers rewards for completing surveys and tasks, as well as watching ad videos and playing games. It started sometime in 2008 and currently has more than 9,000 members and has already paid almost $134,000. Neobux Read More
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