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Ipsos I-say - rate Ipsos I-say is the online survey panel of Ipsos, a company that has been in the market research industry for more than 25 years. As such, it has a wide global presence and performs over 5 million surveys a year. Sign-up Now Similar Survey Sites Registered Post a Review

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Ipsos I-say is the online survey panel of Ipsos, a company that has been in the market research industry for more than 25 years. As such, it has a wide global presence and performs over 5 million surveys a year.


The registration process is simple and easy. It is also free. To qualify, the participants need to be in only three countries. These are Canada, United States, and United Kingdom. The minimum age to join is 18 years old. This is standard in most survey sites, but One Opinion accepts users below that as long as they have parent’s consent.

Perhaps the minor issue is the length of the pre-survey questions. This is necessary, however, to determine your eligibility to the surveys beforehand. After you’ve completed it, you will receive an account activation link through your email.

Earning Methods

Ipsos I-Say offers a lot of ways to earn money and even have fun on the website. It basically works through a points system, which you can convert to either money or item-based rewards. These may be a Starbucks gift card, air miles, or e-vouchers for Amazon, Target, and other stores.

The website also has a great loyalty program. You can win more and even bigger prizes such as trips if you are a habitual survey participant.

Survey Quality

Like in other survey websites, the online surveys here vary in terms of length and difficulty. Some may take less than 5 minutes. Others may be about 20 minutes or more.

Everything works through a survey invite, which you can get through your email or its mobile app. You may also see which surveys you can participate in through the dashboard.

The biggest challenges, however, is the number of surveys you can receive. It’s not impossible to have no available surveys for weeks. Furthermore, you can still be disqualified even after you’ve answered all the questions. The only consolation is you can still accumulate points, which helps in getting closer to your rewards.

Some people also complain about the lag in displaying the surveys on the dashboard. Thus, it’s possible to see a survey that is already complete.


The surveys here don’t have a high payout. In some cases, it pays less than a dollar. But if you’re lucky enough to qualify in many of them, you can accumulate points fast. Moreover, you don’t need a lot to start getting your payouts.

For example, if you want a $5 Starbucks card, you need only 500 points. Some surveys can give you an automatic 90 points. Bigger points are necessary if you want to convert them to money, which you can receive through its Visa prepaid card or your PayPal. For PayPal users, it’s 1,530 points, which is equivalent to $15. You also have the option to use your points to donate cash to charitable institutions.

Getting the cash takes a long time. You may have to wait for as long as 3 weeks to receive it. On the upside, trading your points to any of the e-vouchers or cards is instant, which means you can use it right away.

Ipsos I-say’s loyalty program is commendable. The more you complete the surveys, the more you accumulate points. Having 5 done surveys can mean 25 points, which you can still convert to any of the mentioned rewards. How much you earn, however, depends on how many surveys you completed within a year, which runs from January 1 to December 31. You cannot carry over the other surveys to the next year.

You also get big points with its referral program. If you can successfully refer somebody, you get 100 bonus points.


An interesting feature of the survey website is the Poll Predictor. It appears at the end of the survey. The goal is simple: guess how many answers a specific question. If you’re close, you get an entry to its prize draw.


Ipsos I-say bears the mark of the company’s longevity: it is comprehensive with many methods of earning and even winning. It has a good loyalty program, which many survey websites don’t have.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy registration process

  • Variety of earning methods

  • Plenty of rewards options for the accumulated points

  • Instant payout for e-vouchers and gift cards

  • Ability to convert points to cash

  • Excellent loyalty program


  • Slow cash payouts

  • Restrictive eligibility requirements

  • Possible lower frequency of surveys available

  • Slow refresh of available surveys on the dashboard

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New Website Added: Ipsos I-say

by Milafel Mar 11, 2018
Ipsos I-say is the online survey panel of Ipsos, a company that has been in the market research industry for more than 25 years. As such, it has a wide global presence and performs over 5 million surveys a year. Ipsos I-say Read More
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