6 Signs That a Paid Survey Site is a Scam

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Unfortunately, not all paid survey sites on the internet are legitimate but thankfully, we’re here to help. If you spot any of these 6 signs, you should definitely avoid the site. PaidSurveys Guru - 6 Signs That a Paid Survey Site is a Scam

Paid survey sites haven’t always enjoyed good reputation due to the many bad apples out there. However, there are a few easy-to-spot warning signs that you need to be aware of if you plan on completing surveys and actually getting paid for them. Here are the 6 signs that a paid survey site is a scam:

If they ask you to pay to join a survey panel

This is a huge no-no! You should never have to shell out your own money to share your opinion – that’s just not how surveys work! So, if you are asked to pay a so-called “processing fee”, “registration fee”, “membership fee” or anything similar before you can do any surveys, then heed our warning and stay far, far away from the site.

However, we’d like to point out that some surveys, as opposed to sites, can also be dishonest in this sense as well. Instead of letting you complete a survey and earn your due, they will add in a what we’d like to call a paywall – it’s like a “pay to proceed” screen, right before the final question or step, preventing you from successfully completing the survey. They would already have all the information they need from you and you won’t be paid a single dime because technically, the survey is not yet completed.

These types of fraudulent surveys are incredibly difficult to spot but once you do spot one, make sure to note down the survey company that is conducting the survey and make a point to not do any of their surveys again. You’ll just have to learn from your mistakes and move on.

Do not pay to join a survey panel

If they ask you to buy a product

This is quite similar to paying to join a survey panel, but in this case, you’ll be asked to pay to buy the product that you are supposed to test for the company; a product that you probably won’t need. If you spot this sort of survey offers, it’s wise to run the other direction and don’t look back. More often than not, you’ll end up losing money rather than earning some.

If they ask for your credit card information or social security number

Although some sites and surveys may ask some really personal questions in order to gauge if you’re suitable for a survey, legitimate ones will and should never ask for your financial details such as your credit card number… except maybe your bank account number if the site provides direct bank transfer of your earnings, or your social security number. If you are prompted to fill in your credit card or social security number “in the name of research”, be sure to not do so and just leave the site. There are many legit ones out there that you can actually earn some extra money from.

If they do not have a privacy policy or a policy that seems odd

Since you’ll be giving a lot of your personal and likely identifiable information on these sites, it is important for you to safeguard your privacy by making sure the site with your information won’t just sell the info off to the highest bidder… and what can these immoral people then do? Well, they can basically spam you with unsolicited and oftentimes scam emails. This is definitely no laughing matter especially if that email you gave is an email you actually use. Within days, you’ll probably end up with thousands of unwanted emails that you can’t delete fast enough.

Also, a quick note – although this hasn’t been reported as often, some sites may have options for you to join using your Google or Facebook accounts. We would usually recommend you to avoid using these sign-up and login methods not because they can steal your login info – they can’t – but if the site’s shady, they might sell your personal info along with your linked social media info off to other equally bad scammers.

Don't join paid survey sites with no privacy policy

If they disappear without paying you

Now, this is a very valid concern that many newcomers to the paid surveys scene may have. After all, we do agree that this is a very notable risk that many face when they first start out and do not know how to differentiate a deceitful paid survey site from a legit one.

Not to mention, most of the time, when this happens, there is basically no recourse for you to take. You can’t exactly complain about a company or a site that suddenly disappeared even if you happen to be from the same country that the site is purportedly set up in. The best you could do is probably go to known paid survey forums and let the people there know of this scam company.

However, we do have a couple of rules of thumb that could help you to avoid finding yourself in such situation. The easiest is simply sticking with popular and renowned paid survey sites like Swagbucks.

If they offer rates that are too good to be true

As an Asian saying goes, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. If they are willing to pay you for something, you must know what that something you offer is worth. Never underestimate the teams of people behind the surveys, like any business, they will not offer more than what they think is the minimum.

So, if you happen upon a site that contains survey offers that are simply too good to be true, you should definitely start hoisting that red warning flag of yours and stay away. More often than not, the site may disappear on you within a week or so.

Hopefully, our tips will help countless people, including yourself, from being scammed by unscrupulous people. If you follow our tips, tap into your increasing experience dealing with paid survey sites, and also refer to our site, PaidSurveys.guru, you may eventually find that completing paid surveys aren’t as dangerous or malicious as they may seem.

One thing to note though, some people may complain that a paid survey site is a scam based on what they think is a fake referral system, but in reality, they might not have read the terms and conditions of that said system. So, if you do read about other people’s complaints about a site, be sure to check it out yourself before believing everything they say.

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