5 Most Profitable Survey Sites

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Everyone wants to earn a lot of money for as little time as possible, and as such, we have compiled up a list of the 5 most profitable survey sites you can join! PaidSurveys Guru - 5 Most Profitable Survey Sites

Now, although we all understand that doing paid surveys isn't the path you can take to financial freedom, it is still a pretty easy and fun way to earn some extra cash on the side for a nice treat now and then. However, if the treats you're aiming for costs quite a bit, then you might want to maximize your free time and earn as much as you can. Well, we can help you with that - here are 5 of the most profitable survey sites that you can join!

#1 Swagbucks


Aside from offering so many different ways for you to earn that extra buck, Swagbucks also implements a points-based system that has a points-to-cash exchange rate, at the time of writing, that’s the highest among all the other paid survey sites we’ve reviewed. With only 400SBs, you can already have $4 in your hands. How great is that? And to get 450SBs, you can just watch video ads by letting it run in the background while you do something else until you reach the 150SB cap for 3 days consecutively. It’s that easy!

The amount of cash you can earn by using its search engine passively is also pretty high. Users have reported that they can earn up to $15/month just by using Swagbuck’s search engine as opposed to Google’s or Yahoo’s.

Not to mention, Swagbucks is not only a very profitable survey site – it doesn’t have a redemption limit and hence, you can cash out whenever you like no matter how much cash you have in your balance!

#2 InboxDollars


If you’re like us and you don’t really like to earn via a points-based system, well, InboxDollars is the perfect choice for you. Granted that it won’t rain money even if you “work” full-time there, the site does offer a wide range of ways for you to earn some cold hard cash, ranging from doing something passively such as watching videos (actual videos, mind you, it’s not just ads) and using its search engine to completing paid surveys or shopping online.

The best part, of course, is the fact that this site pays out in cash. You won’t need to accumulate thousands and thousands of points only to exchange it for a measly gift voucher or coupon – you can actually see what you’re earning in real time!

Note that the site also provides some ways for you to gamble your earnings for a chance to win more money, but most of the time, the odds probably won’t be in your favor, and as such, it might be better to save up the money you get until you reach the minimum withdrawal limit.

#3 Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Despite the possibly negative connotation that the site’s title may convey, Survey Junkie is quite a profitable paid survey site especially if you are picky about how you earn your cash and want to only complete surveys, be it on the PC or on your mobile devices.

Utilizing a points-based system that has a points-to-cash rate of 100 points to $1 which is similar to Swagbucks, this site is primarily a paid survey site and as such, the main way to earn money on this site is only by doing paid surveys. Each survey approximately pays around 20 to 200 points depending on length and difficulty.

The site, however, does offer in-home product testing and specialized focus groups from time to time, and that these opportunities pay quite a lot, it can be hard to find an available one to sign up to, let alone actually be included as part of their survey demographic.

That being said, Survey Junkie lets you cash out at a low limit of only $10. That’s just 1000 points!

#4 Vivatic


Like Swagbucks and InboxDollars, Vivatic is not a site that only has paid surveys for you to complete; it also provides you with other job opportunities such as writing reviews and data entry. Having said that, the main way you can earn on the site is by completing paid surveys.

Vivatic pays out around £1 to £2 per survey and generally, each survey takes around 15 minutes of your time, but it does require you to have £25 before you can cash out. Best of all, it provides frequent surveys, making it a lot easier for you to accumulate the minimum you need to get your payout.

#5 Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions

If you don’t mind being paid only in vouchers (from renowned retailers like Amazon), then Valued Opinions might be one of the more profitable paid survey site that you’ll want to sign up for. The site does away with all the points-based nonsense and show you exactly how much you earn per survey, which can range from £1 to £5. Each survey takes around 10 to 30 minutes to complete, so by extension, you can generally get yourself a nice £10 voucher within an hour or so… and what do you know! The minimum payout at Valued Opinions is exactly £10.

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SwagBucks SwagBucks When it comes to paid survey sites or apps, Swagbucks is as prevalent as the internet itself and we’re not exaggerating. The site boasts of having more than 15 million members who have earned enough Swagbucks to cash out more than $380 million in free gift cards! Survey Rewardz Survey Rewardz Survey Rewardz is a paid surveys website that is owned and backed by the reputable company, Points2Shop. They do not provide their own surveys but instead source surveys from survey companies and offer them to you if you match the criteria. MySurvey MySurvey In addition to being one of the oldest paid survey sites ever to grace the internet, MySurvey also claims to be the world’s Number 1 Paid Survey Site and boasts of having more than 4 million members in 40 markets across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. As of 2014, the site has paid out more than $32 million. Shopper’s Voice Shopper’s Voice Shopper’s Voice is a customer survey site that shower you with tons of rewards from coupons to free samples that are tailored to what you like. It used to publish its surveys on paper but has since moved to an online platform. InboxDollars InboxDollars InboxDollars is perhaps one of the more popular paid survey sites that’s available both online and in a convenient little app for your mobile devices. The paid survey site itself has an excellent reputation among other online money-making sites and has reportedly paid out more than $30 million since 2006. MyPoints MyPoints MyPoints is a primarily cashback site, though it does offer other forms of earning opportunities such as completing paid surveys and watching videos, which uses a points-based system to pay out rewards to its users. The site has a good cash-out track record despite having a rather low points-to-cash exchange rate.


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